Salesforce UX

Customizing Salesforce requires a deep understanding of their technology. Our team has it covered.

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We have seen what our internal resources can do for web and mobile. While acceptable, it is not the legendary experience DePalma provides.

Randy Robinson

VP of IT

Why Depalma?


We're not a marketing agency. We're a team of engineers with a passion for UX.


We're as scalable as you need. Our team was built to serve the enterprise.


We specialize in UI design and take a UX-first approach to all development, including platforms like Salesforce.

Our Capabilities

  • User Testing
  • Discovery
  • Prototyping
  • Visual Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Mood Boards
  • Style Guides
  • Customer Journeys
  • Heroku
  • Lightning
  • Customization
  • System Integration

The DePalma Process

Our process places emphasis on design and discovery to ensure we build things the right way the first time.


Learn all that we can about your users (needs, frustrations, etc.)


Spell out project goals and the pain points the product is attempting to solve.


Come up with creative solutions to drive goals and solve for problems we've defined.


Build simple versions of solutions to demonstrate to other stakeholders on the project


Return to your users for feedback on your prototype before implementing


Bring your battle-tested new features live in your application

DePalma is not an “all things to all people” marketing agency, or a print design shop that recently went digital.

We are a team of designers and engineers who specialize in one thing: building incredible experiences. Our founder, Floyd DePalma, created this company because he spent 25 years as a software engineer constantly frustrated by bad UX. He learned that while backend development is mission-critical, creating a great experience for the end user is just as important. Building wonderful UX requires experience, a battle-tested process, and the right talent. At DePalma Studios, we have all three.