At it's best, design is human. Creating a connection between people and products is what we do.

Awesome, user-centered design is now a requirement. People are online all the time and they know what a great user experience feels like. They expect your product or application to deliver the same feeling.


Every dollar invested in
user experience yields between
$10 and $100 dollars in return.

Desktop, tablet, and mobile application design have their own nuances, which our user experience designers live and breathe. They are masters of their craft.

We design new products and re-imagine existing applications to work the way users think and act. The result always is an application people love to use - and a competitive advantage for your business.

User Experience

Great user interface design is not something you can just order up from a regular agency. It’s a specialized skill and at DePalma application design is all we do.

Our UX designers are experts at making desktop and mobile applications simple, human and fun to use. They delight in finding new ways to solve user challenges. Done well, the user experience can be an asset that sets you apart.

Delivering the information people need how and when they need it adds happiness and value.

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.

Henry Ford

Design Process

Ideas move at the speed of thought; the right design process keeps pace.

And ours does. Our Agile Collaborative Design Process is transparent and lean. We don’t waste time upfront writing functional requirement specifications. Instead we plug our team in with yours in a collaborative environment. In this space, communication is king, ideas and feedback are iterated over real-time and meetings are impromptu.

A fully interactive design prototype is the asset that becomes the specification our front-end engineers build and implement.


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