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Front End Developer

DePalma is looking for Front End Developers proficient in modern languages and technologies

DePalma Studios is a boutique product design and development shop that specializes in user experience design and front-end development. 

Our developers work hand-in-hand with our designers and project managers, who specialize in workflow optimization and interaction design. They understand what can and cannot be accomplished with front-end technologies and together our teams translate ideas into awe-inspiring user experiences.

Required Skills

  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • ES5 Javascript

  • Angular

  • JQuery

  • Experience working with SCRUM / Agile Methodologies

  • Experience with Git and GitFlow

  • Experience with REST apis

  • Communication skills are key. We are a team and every project is easier if we can communicate effectively

Advanced Skills (Nice to Have)

  • Comfortable writing semantic HTML5

  • Knowledge of CSS3 animations

  • ES6 and TypeScript knowledge

  • Angular 2.0

  • Understanding of TDD 

  • Experience with D3 - working witha nd manipulating SVG in the browser

  • Experience with using front-end languages that need precompilers (Sass, TypeScript, etc.)


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