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What We Do

User Research / Innovation

Usability testing, user interviews, card sorting - we have proven methods to gather the right data on your users and ensure our designs are solving the right problems in the proper order.

What We Do


By leveraging low-fidelity, colorless wireframes to stage workflows and screen layouts, we provide a very simple, cost-effective way of iterating on the foundation of your UX.

What We Do

Visual Design

Here, we flesh out color palettes, iconography, shapes, shadows etc. The result is a beautiful aesthetic that inspires confidence in users, maintains your branding and draws attention to key elements.

What We Do

Interaction Design

In this stage, we define how your application will interact with end users. We believe this is a crucial piece of creating a top-tier user experience, and one that most others will gloss over.

What We Do


Imagining your final application is difficult without a clickable prototype. We believe it’s better to see the UX in action before spending budget on development.

What We Do

Front End Dev. / Integration

We can help new UX to fruition as well. Our engineers specialize in creating pixel-perfect applications that perform exactly as designed. We can also do the heavy lifting on integrating with your back end.

What We Fix

High Support Costs

More intuitive products require less support. We’ve helped clients reduce their support costs by significant margins just by making their applications easier to understand.

What We Fix

Low Productivity

A cumbersome UX can make even the simplest task take much longer to complete. When the system is used to automate business processes, that wasted time has a tangible cost tied to it.

What We Fix

Wasted Development Time

Don’t wait until after you’ve spent the money to code something to learn it’s not working. Designing the right UX the first time can save hundreds of thousands in wasted time.

What We Fix

High User Acquisition Cost

An intuitive UX is a competitive advantage. Believe us, users discuss how usable your product is. If they have good things to say, you can count on it leading to positive word of mouth and user growth.

What We Fix

Poor User Retention

A bad UX can lead to high user attrition. Our process can help suss out the bottlenecks in your application, and make sure it’s solving the issues that keep your users happy and coming back for more.

What We Fix

Low Employee Engagement

If your employees dislike the application they have to use in order to do their job, that can take a serious toll on their engagement. Applications are supposed to make their lives easier, not harder!


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DePalma Studios has the artistic skill to give products a wonderful, embracing customer experience. The designers we interacted with with absolutely first-rate.

Randy R.

VP of IT

Why Depalma?


We work with your budget, onshore, nearshore and offshore options available.


We scale. Our organization was built to serve the enterprise.


User-centered design is not just a buzzword here. It's how we approach every application we build.

The DePalma Process

Our process was built to ensure you build the right thing the first time around.

User Research

Learn all that we can about your users (needs, frustrations, etc.) and possible solutions.


A low fidelity basic layout of interfaces and user flow. We try to iterate as much as possible at this phase.

Visual Design

Make it pretty. Add color, branding, iconography, button design ,etc.


A clickable mock-up that can be used to test interactions and usability.


Our front end engineers can code a pixel-perfect layout of what's been designed.


Usability testing and new feature requests from users should inform the next phase of your application.

DePalma Studios is not just another "dev shop".

We are a team of designers and engineers who specialize building great user experiences. Our company started as a UX Design-only firm. Our founder, Floyd DePalma, created this company because he spent 25 years as a software engineer constantly frustrated by bad UX. He learned that while backend development is mission-critical, creating a great experience for the end user is just as important. Building UX the right way requires experience, a battle-tested process, and the right talent. At DePalma Studios, we have all three.