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UX Design

Great UX can drive massive results. We’ve driven millions of dollars to the bottom line for our clients by designing simple, intuitive experiences.

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We have seen what our internal resources can do... It's not the legendary experience DePalma provides.

Randy Robinson
VP of IT, Unum
Why DePalma?
Our teams are managed by senior resources based in the U.S., the team can be built here, nearshore or offshore.
We’re as scalable as you need. Our team was built to serve the enterprise.
Our UX-first approach ensures the application we launch is one that will scale.

Our Services

Rapid Proof-of-Concept Prototypes

Rapidly Validate Ideas

Make sure you're building the right product with swift testing and iteration.

Web Design

Make the Right Impression

Attract and engage your customers with a tailor-made website.

Digital Product Design

Build SomethingPeople Love

User the human-centered process to design an application your audience will love.

UI Refresh

Renew YourVisual Identity

Bring new life to an existing application without changing how it works.

UX / UI Redesign

Reinvent Your Product

Reimagine your product with evidence-based interactions and captivating new visuals.

UX Consulting

Time-Tested Strategies

Choose the right path forward with guidance from our user-centered design experts.

UX Process


Define a strategic approach to your application, define KPIs, markets, needs and a roadmap to success.

Research & Analysis

A clickable mock-up that can be used to test interactions and usability.


Connect your new UI to your back end, and dazzle your users with an amazing new experience.


Our front end engineers can code a pixel-perfect layout of what’s been designed.


DePalma is not an “all things to all people” marketing agency, or a print design shop that recently went digital.
We are a team of designers and front end engineers who specialize in one thing: user experience. Our founder, Floyd DePalma, created this company because he spent 25 years as a software engineer constantly frustrated by bad UX. He learned that while backend developers are mission-critical, they are more motivated by solving hairy technical problems than by creating a great experience for the end user. Building an awesome UX requires a team of designers and front end developers focused specifically on that goal. Our company exists to fill in that gap