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The app to help women go through the IVF process

The app to help women go through the IVF process


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Project Overview

We were tasked with creating an application on a very short timeline. The customer provided us with the research of the subject area. Our goal was to create a clickable prototype app for further presentation to investors.


Mobile App | Prototyping | UX/UI | Healthcare

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The Problem

Based on the user research, women during the first stages of IVF journey experience negative emotions: Embarrassment, Confusion, Disappointment, Isolation, and Frustration.

The Client was looking to identify women’s unmet needs and preferred information channels throughout their IVF journey in order to inspire the development of “beyond the pill” support services.

The Solution

The Client was researching a possibility to partner with In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) clinics to create an application to help women through the IVF process.

Create a proof of concept to move the project to the next steps.

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To begin with, we started with the application mapping; We thoroughly went through all the steps to mark the most important parts of this Greenfield application.

This thorough analysis and research activities helped us to get feedback from end-users at an early stage.

It has significantly shortened the number of edits and the timeline.

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In the following steps, we built a detailed Information Architecture. It is crucial to understand the structure of the application to match with the end-users expectations and needs.

As we worked on the personas and the artifacts, it directed us towards the goals that determined the needs of our leading group of users.

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After that we proceeded to start prototyping: the first concept sketch, wire framings, and so on. A huge piece of work!

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As we were wrapping up our design tone, we stepped into high-fidelity visuals.

We created two parts of the mobile app. The first part concentrated on the primary end-user (women who faced the IVF challenge).

The second part of the app was designed for her partner to provide curated information about the treatment.

A virtual nurse that accompanies the users throughout the flow uses simplifies & common language to provide crucial information and collects required data from the end-users.

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The Doctor’s Web Application provides easy access to patients' data and research results.


We developed the clickable prototype that received positive feedback from the stakeholders, clinics and partners. The project was granted funds to move to the next step.