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DePalma Studios

We build applications people love to use.

At DePalma, we're design superheroes with expertise in UX/UI and product development across various technologies and industries. Founded and headquartered in Nashville, TN, we also have an engineering hub in Austin, TX, that brings cutting-edge technology and talent to the table. With our dual locations, we help established corporations and startups create custom software applications that work the way real people do. Partner with us to eliminate frustration and clunky software and bring your vision to life.

Drop us a line by tapping "Let's Talk" to share what you're working on and see how we can help.

What We Do

Smart UX
Pixel Perfect UI
Tech Expertise

UX/UI Design

We understand the importance of great design in creating a successful product. That’s why we take a user-centered approach to every project, ensuring the user is always at the heart of our design decisions.

Services: Services: Stakeholder Interviews, User Research, Personas, Competitive Analysis, Information Architecture, Product Roadmap, Visual Design, Prototyping & Interaction, Design Systems

Product Development

Our development team has years of experience working with various technologies, allowing us to select the right tools and platforms to create a custom software solution that meets your needs.

Services: Custom Software Development, Cloud Development, Low-code Development, Responsive Web Applications, Native & Hybrid Mobile Apps

Design Workshops

Ready to turn your software dreams into reality? Our Design Impact Workshop is the perfect place to start! With a lean and fast process, we'll help you create a roadmap for designing and building the application your customers will love.

Deliverables: Stakeholders Product Vision Workshop, User Persona & Journeys, Product Design Backlog, Cost & Timeline

Fractional Services

DePalma Studios offers fractional services to augment your team with expert-level talent, including a Fractional CTO, Architect, and Data Scientist. These fractional resources provide strategic guidance and tactical execution to achieve your organization's goals.

Our Fractional CTO and Architect services help businesses align technology and business strategies while maximizing efficiency and reducing costs. Our Data Scientists specialize in AI data modeling and training, providing powerful insights to optimize business processes and accelerate innovation.

Our fractional services allow you to access top-tier talent and experience without committing to a full-time hire.

Empowering business growth with our award-winning services.


Featured Work

Case Study-TUXT@2x


Create, manage and track SMS-based sales campaigns through this responsive web app.


Design System | UX/UI | Development | Integrations | Technologies

Case Study-Sertainty@2x


Easily encrypt, transfer and share important files to and from your cloud repositories.


Prototyping | Presentation Design | Cloud Technology | Enterprise Organization

Case Study-Ova@2x

IVF Clinic

IVF Clinic app helps women to go through the IVF process seamlessly.


Mobile App | Prototyping | Healthcare | UX/UI

Case Study-Tipify@2x


Easily find live events, performers, locations and tip the entertainer at the performance.


FinTech | Music Industry | Native Mobile | Search Engine | Entertainment

Design Workshops

Transforming ideas into incredible digital products.

The Design Impact Workshop aligns the team around a strong product vision, enables a deep understanding of user needs, and defines a clear product strategy within a few weeks.