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Our Story

Human-centered custom software since day one.

Alright, folks, let me tell you the real story behind DePalma Studios. As a former corporate software developer, I had to suffer through delivering applications that were about as user-friendly as a porcupine in a balloon factory. I mean, who designs these things? That's why I decided to start DePalma Studios, a user-centered product studio that takes a radical approach to software design by putting the user first.

We believe business and client-facing applications should be as sleek and user-friendly as the latest iPhone, not as clunky and outdated as a Blockbuster VHS rental. By leveraging our advanced design thinking workshops and "user-first" approach, we can build custom software applications that solve real-world business problems and make users want to give us a standing ovation.

So if you're tired of delivering software that makes people want to throw their computers out the window, let's work together to create something amazing. We'll turn your ideas into a beautiful, intuitive, and user-friendly masterpiece that will make even the toughest software critics say, "Wow, that's pretty darn good."