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Design Impact Workshop

A lean go-to-market approach to UX, built for product development, driven by design.


Our design impact workshop facilitates transparency and team collaboration while taking a user-first design approach that's laser-focused on the customer experience and their journey as they interact with your company’s product or service.

The result is an elegant solution tailor-made to fit your customer’s needs along with a full-fleshed out and estimated functional roadmap setting up a solid foundation for the design and build of your product.

Stakeholders Product Vision Workshop

The stakeholders workshop clarifies objectives, builds consensus and creates a shared product vision with the entire team. Once complete, the users’ needs, business goals, and technical limitations are defined.

User Persona & Journeys Workshop

Personas are defined that represent the people who will use the product or service to empathize with them and gain a deeper understanding of their needs. Service design is used to flesh out the steps for each job the user needs to perform. The steps are transformed into optimized user journeys to create the best possible experience.

Problem Breakdown & Definition Workshop

Functional Decomposition is performed on each optimized user journey creating a backlog of requirements. Estimation of each requirement is performed by specifying the: reach, impact, and confidence to calculate the feature’s effort. This information allows the product owner to prioritize the backlog and build out an informed product roadmap.

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After a decade of experience designing and building custom software applications, we have found that this simple process is all that's needed in most cases to set your project up for success.

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“The Design Impact Workshop clarified our larger goals and the details. This is how we will start all of our projects from now on.”

Kim Gordon
CEO of Sertainty


“I liked how the process was user-focused, lean, and fast-paced.  The workshop definitely set the rest of the project up for success."

Chris Johnson
CEO of Agrellus


“I was impressed how we were able to go from idea to a fully fleshed-out product roadmap in just a few weeks."

Robert Carothers
CEO of Tipify