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DePalma Studios

Design Impact Workshop


The Design Impact Workshop delivers a fast, lean, and proven process for designing new applications and/or improving how existing applications work. You’ll walk away with the roadmap you’ll need to design and build the product your customers will love to use.


Benefits of the Design Impact Workshop

Our proven process

Simply put, the Design Impact Workshop can save time and money by ensuring you build the right product for the right people the first time.

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Quick Go-to-Market

The process is fast and lean because we've distilled it down to a few essential activities, allowing us to design a great product cost-effectively.

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Flexible & Cost-Effective

We’ve added flexibility to the process that allows us to add UX activities if needed, helping control cost by only performing design work that adds value to the project.

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Built for Agile Teams

At the end of the process, you will have a product backlog with accurate design and ballpark development estimates managed tightly using the agile framework.

Experience the DIW Difference

Our Lean UX Formula for Product Success

If you’re building a new product from scratch where the user experience needs to be defined or if you have an existing product you want to improve then the Design Impact Workshop is for you.

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Build Consensus and Define Objectives

Stakeholder’s Product Vision

Stakeholder’s Product Vision

Stakeholder’s Product Vision

We kick off the Design Impact Workshop by bringing your team together for our Stakeholder Product Vision workshop. This is where we clarify objectives, build consensus, and create a shared product vision. With open communication and collaboration, we refine the problem statement and align everyone, setting the foundation for a successful, agile project.

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Unlocking the User Experience

Personas & User Journeys

Personas & User Journeys

Personas & User Journeys

We'll define the customer journey for your product's users, identifying their workflows, needs, and pain points. This user-driven approach uncovers valuable insights that inform the product's design and functionality, ensuring the final solution addresses real-world challenges and enhances the user experience.

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Plan and Estimate for Success

Backlog Timeline & Costs

Backlog Timeline & Costs

Backlog Timeline & Costs

We'll break down user flows into a prioritized product backlog, allowing us to plan and estimate subsequent design and development timelines cost-effectively. By understanding the scope and requirements, we can efficiently manage the project within the agile framework, ensuring the successful delivery of a high-quality product that meets your expectations.

If you’re building a new product from scratch where the user experience needs to be defined or if you have an existing product and you want to improve how it works then the Design Impact Workshop is for you.

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Ready to Design an Application Your Customers Will Truly Love?

Frequently Asked Questions

Some things we get asked often

Who is the Design Impact Workshop for?
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The Design Impact Workshop is perfect for startups, IT organizations, and product companies looking to build a new product from scratch or improve how an existing product works.

How long does it take to complete the process?
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The duration of the Design Impact Workshop depends on the scope of the project. Typically, it can be completed within 3 to 6 weeks, depending on the project's size and complexity.

How much of the client’s time is required during the process?
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Collaboration with our clients is critical to the success of the Design Impact Workshop process. We'll do the heavy lifting and only require approximately 3-4 hours of your or your team's time each week. This ensures we stay aligned with your vision and can deliver a product you and your customers will love.

What makes the DIW different from the traditional UX process?
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The DIW is a lean approach to designing great products cost-effectively, with a focus on essential activities that deliver maximum impact. Unlike traditional UX approaches that can be heavy-weight in user research, we take an as-needed approach to keep the process lean and efficient.