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Guiding women through the invitro fertilization process

Guiding women through the invitro fertilization process




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The Partner

When a Fortune 100 global healthcare leader approached DePalma Studios searching for a custom platform that helped women through the IVF process, the team was more than ready to take on the challenge.

The client is on a mission to help communities at all stages of their lives. Their research led them to believe that women going through the in vitro fertilization process were struggling with negative emotions, such as embarrassment, confusion, disappointment, isolation, and frustration. Thus, the client began to search for ways to create an application that helped women through their respective IVF journeys.

The Problem

When the client partnered with Deplama Studios, they needed an interactive prototype that fulfilled 4 primary functions: 

  1. Identifying women’s unmet needs and preferred information channels throughout the IVF process 

  2. Inspiring the development of “beyond the pill” support services 

  3. Providing crucial and carefully curated information to both the women and their partners

  4. Receiving positive feedback from stakeholders, clinics, and partners to move the project forward 

With relatively tight timeline constrictions, the DePalma team gathered preliminary subject research from the client and jumped into the project head-first. 

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DePalma approached the project with traditional UX research and design approaches, as they identified the most critical elements of the application. These specific research activities and analyses provided feedback from end-users at an early stage, significantly shortening the timeline and number of edits.

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From there, the DePalma Studios team built a detailed information architecture. By understanding the application's structure, they could make adjustments to meet the end user’s expectations and needs.

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Finally, after the DePalma team had completed the personas, artifacts, and overall user needs, they finished the design tone and high-fidelity visuals. 

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We created two parts of the mobile app. The first part concentrated on the primary end-user (women who faced the IVF challenge).

The second part of the app was designed for her partner to provide curated information about the treatment.

A virtual nurse that accompanies the users throughout the flow uses simplifies & common language to provide crucial information and collects required data from the end-users.

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The Doctor’s Web Application provides easy access to patients' data and research results.

The Product

After extensive research, revisions, and collaboration, DePalma presented the client with an interactive prototype. This product not only concentrated on the primary end-user (women facing IVF challenges) but also provided curated information about the treatment to the women’s partners. 


The application featured a virtual nurse that guided the user through the flow, using simple and easy-to-follow language. It collected the required data from end-users and then passed along any crucial information, patient data, and research results to the Doctor's Web Application.


DePalma’s efforts were well received as the clickable prototype racked up positive feedback from stakeholders, clinics, and partners. The project was granted the funds and moved along to the next step.