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Agrellus is a practical farming solution for the agri-business community


Agrellus is an agriculture e-commerce company, implementing digital transformation and smart contract technology in the Ag inputs industry.

Project Overview

Agrellus Dealers and Growers are located in specific agricultural zones throughout the Unites States of America, where they engage in the buying and selling of agricultural inputs and farming technology numerous times throughout the calendar year.


e-commerce | Agriculture | Farming | Retail | Modern Day Farming | Digital Farming

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The Problem

The current web application doesn’t allow users to have a seamless experience, and the mobile app is not as user-friendly and functional as the client expects.

The Solution

Agrellus team is focused on delivering the core commitments to Growers and Retailers. Enhancing their existing workflows to a new look & feel with optimized workflows to make our growers' lives easier and improve retailers' business.

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We started with a technical audit and as the results we prepared observations and recommendations to improve the application.

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Technical Audit followed by the Design Impact workshop (DIW), based on the results from the DIW we built User Journeys and User Flows to Optimize. Along with UI analysis on the existing application.

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After which we moved on to the next phase of Wire framing to set the tone and layouts of the look and feel. We took a modern clean approach.

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DePalma's Product team created a modern and user-friendly design to accommodate farming solutions and inspire a community.

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As a “friend to the farmer,” everyone at Agrellus intends on the success of the grower and dealer inputs marketplace, committing ourselves to the existing agri-business community, and delivering on profitability for years to come in this age of digital transformation.