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DePalma Studios partnered with Agrellus, an online agricultural marketplace, to upgrade their existing workflows with a new look and feel. This optimized web application would provide retailers and growers with a seamless user experience while improving business operations and making everyone’s lives easier.


Technical Audit



Responsive Product Design




Web: Angular 11

Backend:  .NET 4.8 + SQL database

Mobile: React Native

Azure DevOps: Task Management

Cloud Service: Azure


Payments with Stripe

Integrations with CDMS API (https://www.cdms.net/)

Agrellus Case Study-Image 1

The Problem

Agrellus is an agriculture e-commerce company selling a wide selection of products to farming partners through certified and trusted retailers across the United States. These Agrellus dealers and growers are scattered throughout the country’s agricultural zones, where they buy and sell farming products like fertilizer, seeds, chemicals, irrigation parts, and fuel additives. Before coming to DePalma Studios, Agrellus’ web and mobile applications created user friction and frustration. To provide partners with a seamless shopping experience, they needed to upgrade.

The Project

When Agrellus partnered with Deplama Studios, they needed a product that addressed 3 primary functions: 

  1. Enhancing the existing workflows with a new look and feel
  2. Optimize workflows to improve retailers’ businesses and make growers’ lives easier.
  3. Creating a functional, seamless, user-friendly web and mobile application. 

DePalma Studios kicked off the project with a technical audit to achieve these objectives. These results guided the team towards observations and recommendations to improve Agrellus’ application.

Agrellus Case Study-Image 2@2x

As mentioned, the project started with a technical audit to document the current architecture, assess the code quality, and identify technical debt that needed to be addressed.  

Agrellus Case Study-Image 3

After the technical audit, DePalma used its Design Impact Workshop process to accurately estimate the cost and timeline needed to redesign the current user experience and estimate the time it will take to build.  The process started with a stakeholders workshop where the team clarified project objectives, defined the product at a high level, and identified the application users. 

Agrellus Case Study-Image 4

From there, DePalma quickly created some simple user personas so the designers understood who they were designing the product for and could empathize with them while documenting the current system.  Each workflow was fleshed out, documented step-by-step, and approved by the clients.

Agrellus Case Study-Image 4 BG

Once the workflows were documented, DePalma broke down the user flows into a list of features.  Each feature was estimated for how long it would take to complete the design and given a priority score. Finally, the prioritized list of backlog items and user flows was used by the engineering team to create a ballpark estimate of the development time for the first iteration.

Group 10@2x

The Product

Depalma launched the responsive web application along with iOS and Android Native applications. It was a year-long engagement.
DePalma Studios utilized extensive research, team collaboration, and application audits to optimize Agrellus’ current web and mobile applications. With this final product, Agrellus was empowered to upgrade its existing e-commerce platform with a new look and feel that improved retailers’ businesses and made growers’ lives easier.