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DePalma Named UX Design Leader in New Industry Report

Earlier this week, Clutch released its annual report on the leading creative, design, and...

Earlier this week, Clutch released its annual report on the leading creative, design, and development companies in Nashville.

DePalma Studios ranked first for UX design in Nashville and was named a Leader in Clutch’s report.

This was exciting enough by itself, but when Clutch first emailed us about the report they had more good news: their sister website The Manifest had ranked us among the top app developers in Music City!

They even sent us some badges: 



For the uninitiated, Clutch is a rating and review website that helps businesses make more informed decisions when choosing service providers. Companies are ranked based on industry analysis, market presence, and client experiences.

Despite the sparing use of exclamation marks in this post, we’re elated.

Our design and development teams do outstanding work, and this recognition is well-earned. But the most important thing for us is the response from our clients.

The feedback they provided to Clutch is what led to our first-place ranking. We’re very grateful for every one of our clients, and knowing that we’ve delivered valuable work for them is a great feeling.

What Makes DePalma Different

Given our top spot in Nashville’s UX design rankings, you may be asking yourself, “What’s different about DePalma?”

I’m glad you asked.

A True UX Focus

Floyd DePalma started DePalma Studios after spending over 10 years in enterprise software development. During that decade, he observed firsthand how little attention was afforded to UX design — and the negative effect it had on user adoption.

With that experience in mind, Floyd built a company to design applications people wanted to use.

By focusing on UX design, we've been able to consistently deliver exceptional UX work. Even as we've grown into full-stack software development, we've remained a user experience-driven company.

A Time-Tested Process  

We’re big proponents of the human-centered design process because it provides us with a repeatable set of steps for UX design.

By putting strategy and research before visual design, we uncover the true needs of end-users, regardless of industry or job function.

As a result, our UX designs solve the audience’s most important problems.

But we’re not fanatics about the process. Each project is different, so we stay flexible to match the requirements of each client.

A Partnership Mindest

Every time we begin a new project, we want to build a long-term partnership. That means prioritizing the client’s needs, cutting out the bullsh*t, and delivering outstanding work.  

Ultimately, the relationships we have developed with our clients are more valuable to us than the bottom line.

Do you need to design an application your users will love?

We know what to do. Write us at workwith@depalmastudios.com for a free consultation.


Update: Since this article was originally published, DePalma has also been recognized as an industry-leading User Experience Company by DesignRush