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Making it easy to find and tip performers at live events and nearby locations

Making it easy to find and tip performers at live events and nearby locations




Consumer Mobile App


Visual Design 

Beta Prototyping 

Product Prototyping


Web: Angular 11 


.NET Core V3.1,

 Entity Framework Core

Amazon Cognito (Identity Service Management)


SQL Server

Mobile: React Native

CI/CD - CircleCI


 Stripe Payments


The Partner

The client, a Nashville tech startup company, wanted to create a platform focused on performers’ needs. Their idea for Tipify, a search engine, and digital payment platform, elevates artists by increasing visibility and accepting cashless tips.

Users can also rely on Tipify to quickly find live events in their area by filtering through the performer and locations. From there, they can tip their favorite artists or even request a song, all within the same application. 

After partnering with DePalma Studios, Tipify was created to allow artists to accept tips from fans, as well as promote, structure, and schedule events across one easy platform. 


The Problem

When Tipify partnered with Deplama Studios, they needed an application that offered 4 primary functions. 

  1. Connecting the audience and entertainers by location, venue, and QR codes for tipping.

  2. Setting up anonymous banking connections without human intervention. 

  3. Automatically dividing tips by percentage and depositing them into the performer’s accounts.

  4. Users can send tips, rate performers, request songs, and share profiles with friends. 

While many payment platforms require users to be connected before making monetary transactions, Tipify needed to provide users with a quick and seamless solution to sending electronic currency.


DePalma used its Design Impact Workshop to accurately estimate the cost and timeline needed to design the user experience. The process started with a stakeholders workshop where the team clarified project objectives, defined the product at a high level, and identified the application users. 


From there, DePalma quickly created simple user personas so the designers understood who they were designing the product for and could empathize with them while documenting the current system. Each workflow was fleshed out, documented step-by-step, and approved by the clients..


Once the workflows were documented, DePalma broke down the user flows into a list of features.  Each feature was estimated for how long it would take to complete the design and then given a priority score. Finally, the prioritized list of backlog items and user flows was used by the engineering team to create a ballpark estimate of the development time for the first iteration.


Design and Development of the 2 Native applications and one Corporate Website: 

1. Consumer Mobile App

2. Musicians/Business Mobile App

3. Website: Corporate Website | Marketing site & Static Website for Admin’s use



The Product

DePalma Studios utilized extensive research, client feedback, and user pain points to create the Tipify mobile application. The end product enables easy direct tipping to artists by securing cashless and contactless payments within one click. 


Tipify and DePalma Studios introduced the universal application as a solution for performers to promote their upcoming performances. Alternatively, users can find their favorite bands with ease, alter tips if needed, view past transactions, and manage cross-platform banking more safely.