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Connecting consumers, brands, and influencers through SMS

TUXT is an SMS campaign management platform that seamlessly connects consumers to brands. Consumers can purchase merchandise via text while brands can create, manage and track SMS-based sales campaigns, easily integrate with already established stores (Shopify, et cetera), and white label their own E-Commerce stores.


Visual Design | Development | DIW | Wireframing | UX | UI | Design System


React Native | React | .NET | Javascript | Python | RabbitMQ | e-commerce | PostgreSQL | etc.


Shopify API | Saleor | Twilio | Sendgrid | Spreedly | PLGstack | ORM

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The Problem

Volume-based SMS text messaging is expensive, this platform enabled advanced segmentation and automation features to optimize the SMS texting process to control costs.

TUXT needed to design a simple and intuitive platform for consumers to sign up for purchases via text message from their favorite brands.

On the Brand side TUXT needed a customizable campaign management system that allowed for creation and maintenance of SMS campaigns while incorporating e-commerce functionality that would manage financial transactions.

TUXT administrators needed a back-end platform to help manage brands and aid consumers.

The Solution

DePalma approached the project with its Design Impact Workshop to build consensus around the goals of the business and the objectives of the engagement. During this workshop, we established the core personas, their needs from the platform, and the service design journeys of the personas within the TUXT workflow.

UX/UI Perspective: By acknowledging the user’s pain points and the business objectives we were able to determine a series of UX touchpoints that we could translate into product features. We then used R.I.C.E. charts to prioritize these features and estimated scope. Working with the client we began creating user flows, UX comps, prototypes, and high fidelity designs. Client conferences and user testing allowed us to revise and refine the product until we achieved our objectives.

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We began this engagement with our Design Impact Workshop which produces several discovery deliverables including goals, personas, journey maps, feature sets, estimations and more.

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A key aspect of this project included designing the ability to group users into targeted segments, funnel those segments into particular flows and track the engagemnt of the segments within the flows.

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The Flow Builder feature allows the seller to easily construct automations that respond to the consumers interactions within their active SMS campaigns.

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We had multiple engineering teams running in parallel to achieve this huge and complex solution within a very tight timeline

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DePalma worked with TUXT to make shopping simple. Just respond when you see something you like and it’ll be shipped right to your door. Create, manage and analyze SMS campaigns from a single application that also acts as an e-commerce platform.