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Connecting consumers, brands, and influencers through SMS

DePalma Studios partnered with TUXT to create a SasS text messaging-based marketing platform that connects consumers to their favorite brands while empowering companies to create, manage, and track SMS-based sales campaigns.


Design Impact Workshop | DIW


UX | UI 

Visual Design 

Design System



Mobile: React Native 





Cloud: AWS

CI/CD: CircleCI


Shopify API







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The Partner

TUXT is a SaaS text messaging campaign management platform that allows brands to create, track, and develop new revenue streams through text commerce. These SMS-based sales can be easily integrated with already-established stores (Shopify, et cetera) or white-labeled to match their ECommerce stores. 

On the consumer side, TUXT seamlessly allows customers to connect and purchase from their favorite brands with a simple “Yes” response.

The Problem

When TUXT partnered with DePalma, they needed a platform that offered three essential functions:

  1. A simple and intuitive interface that allows consumers to sign up for purchases via text message. 

  2. A customizable campaign management system allows brands to create and maintain SMS campaigns while incorporating e-commerce functionality to manage financial transactions. 

  3. A back-end platform that allows TUXT administrators to help manage the brands and aid the consumers. 

Because volume-based SMS text messaging is expensive, the platform is needed to enable precision targeting of clients while optimizing the SMS process to control costs.

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DePalma approached the project with a Design Impact Workshop. This collaborative start allowed both teams to establish the core personas, their needs from the platform, and the journeys of the personas within the TUXT workflow.

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After fleshing out the user flows and uncovering the pain points within the journey, DePalma created a series of UX touchpoints that could be translated into product features. The team then prioritized the scope to complete the design of the product.

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The Flow Builder feature allows the seller to easily construct automation that responds to the consumers' interactions within their active SMS campaigns.
TUXT provided insight and feedback as DePalma began creating user flows, UX comps, prototypes, and high-fidelity designs. Utilizing client conferences and user testing, the team refined the platform until it achieved all objectives.
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We had multiple engineering teams running in parallel to achieve this huge and complex solution within a very tight timeline

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The Product

DePalma Studios assembled two separate development teams to work in parallel due to the size of the backlog and the very tight deadline.


One key aspect of the platform created the ability to group users into targeted segments, funnel the segments into particular workflows, and track the engagement of the segments within the flows. In addition, the Flow Builder feature was designed to provide sellers the ability to construct automatic responses to consumer interactions within current SMS campaigns. 


DePalma partnered with TUXT to make shopping simple. Consumers can make purchases via text message, while brands can create, manage, and analyze SMS campaigns within one easy system.