17 UX Software Tools that Will Make You Better at Your Job


As a UX Designer, I’m sure it can sometimes be tough to keep up with all of the new tools coming out in your space. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The marketing space, for example, is totally out of control right now. At this year’s Martech conference in Las Vegas, they released this infographic plotting out all of the different marketing software logos currently in existence. You’ve probably seen this floating around before. Spoiler, there are over 5,000 in this latest edition. That’s up from 150 in 2011.

The ROI of UX: A Living Document


It’s probably not surprising that we spend a good amount of time looking around the web for data surrounding the benefits of investing in user experience, and the problems it can lead to when you ignore it. The value of investing in a good customer experience is obvious to most people. The problem is many business leaders want that value translated into an exact dollar figure. That part can be a little bit tricky, especially because every use case is so different. This leaves us with the situation we have currently, where way too many businesses are not dedicating proper resources to UX because they are afraid of losing money.